Revolutionary Health with Stephanie Center

Revolutionary Health with Stephanie Center

Hosted by: Stephanie Center

Welcome to Revolutionary Health, I am your host, Stephanie Center. I am a licensed clinician (not that it matters) in search of how to live a meaningful and healthy life. I challenge both traditional and functional...


29. Healing Hormones and Chronic Disease Using Peptide Therapy with Dr. Amber Krogsrud.

Season #1 Episode #29

We have a LOT stacked up against us. Toxins, stress, processed foods, poorly regulated self-care products. They all take a toll on our hormones. Hormonal imbalance and hormone related illnesses are on the rise. If...
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28. How to Hack Your Immune System with Copper, with Mineral Expert, Morley Robbins

Season #1 Episode #28

We are closing our 3 part series on minerals and you know that we saved the BEST for LAST. Today is all about copper! When it comes to our immune system, copper is the most underrated star of the show. Learn about all...
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27. Why You Should Rethink Iron Supplementation with Mineral Expert, Morley Robbins

Season #1 Episode #27

If you listened to my last episode, you learned all about how magnesium supports energy production and cellular function. Morley talked about why magnesium is so critical for our bodies to be able to perform basic...
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26. Magnesium, the Missing Link to Mitochondrial Function with Mineral Expert, Morley Robbins

Season #1 Episode #26

There is SO much to unpack in this episode, I hardly know where to begin. Morley Robbins is a wealth of knowledge. I had so many "aha" moments during this conversation, I know you will too.  Key takeaways: 1. What...
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25. Strategic Use of Peptide Therapy with Dr. Neil Paulvin

Season #1 Episode #25

What do you know about peptides? No, I don't mean collagen peptides. Although, I do advocate for collagen peptide use. Peptides are naturally occurring short chains of amino acids in our bodies. They help communicate...
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24. How Blue Light Exposure Causes Inflammation and Disease with Jenn Trepeck

Season #1 Episode #24

Did you know? Blue light exposure contributes to ☑️Weight gain ☑️Inflammation ☑️ Disease A little bit about the episode: Today's podcast episode is ALL about blue light exposure and the effects it has on our health....
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23. Master Your Hormones and Reclaim Your Libido with Dr. Renee Wellenstein

Season #1 Episode #23

SO many women I work with complain of Estrogen dominance Adrenal fatigue Burned out cortisol Decreased sex drive Dryness Acne Hormonal imbalance is REAL. Our super stressed lifestyles and our heavy use of poorly...
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22. Herbs that Heal Your Body with Andrea Wiliams

Season #1 Episode #22

Do you find yourself reaching for healthier alternative before reaching for the prescription medications? Do you care about all-organic ingredients? Do you like supporting small, local, women-owned businesses? You're...
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21. How to Manage Your Toxin Exposure in a Chemical World with Dr. Aly Cohen

Season #1 Episode #21

If you're trying to limit your exposure to toxins, then you understand the phrase "decision fatigue". Since when did going to the grocery store become such a stressful experience? Can you relate to trying to decipher...
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20. Mental Health Tips for Women who do it all with Kimberleigh Hagar

Season #1 Episode #20

Are you in a state of constant go-go-go? Do you struggle with feeling inadequate if you're not being productive every minute of the day? Do you look at social media and wonder why everyone looks so put together and...
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Season #1 Episode #19

Having a hard time navigating your own health journey? We've got your back. In this episode we explore the health story of Rachel Hoeppner. She's real, she's authentic, and I guarantee you can relate to her....
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18. Anti-Aging and Longevity with Dan Voss

Season #1 Episode #18

Learn how to be "younger" for longer with Dan Voss. Explore the latest trends in anti-aging and longevity. Dan is on a quest to learn effective and evidence-based strategies for staying youthful through aging. He's...
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