63. How I Pivoted from Occupational Therapy to Functional Medicine | Stephanie Center

Season #3

Episode Overview: In this mini-episode of Revolutionary Health, host Stephanie Center shares her personal journey of transitioning from occupational therapy to running her own functional medicine practice. She candidly discusses the reasons behind her pivot, the challenges she faced in the healthcare industry, and the empowering lessons she learned along the way. Episode Highlights: Transition from Occupational Therapy: Shares her background, having graduated from OT school with high hopes but also burdened by significant student loans.Describes the disconnect she felt between the promising picture of OT painted in school and the realities of the profession in the real world.Highlights the saturation of the OT job market and the pressure for high productivity, which clashed with her vision of meaningful patient care.Reflects on her experience and reveals that her resentment towards the profession grew quickly, leading to her ultimate decision to leave OT. Personal Health Struggles: Narrates her positive experience in acute care OT and how it contrasted with her challenging health issues that emerged in 2018.Expresses gratitude for her illness, as it eventually redirected her path towards functional medicine and a more holistic understanding of health. Starting a Functional Medicine Practice: Chronicles her quest for answers to her health problems, including the realization that she needed to take matters into her own hands.Recounts the pivotal year of 2020, marked by the launch of her podcast and her pursuit of a functional medicine certification.Emphasizes her mission to be the support she wished she had during her health struggles and to offer a better way of practicing medicine.Outlines the foundational steps to start a functional medicine practice, including identifying your target audience and refining your service offerings. Navigating Challenges and Learning: Advises that success in running a business takes time, dedication, and willingness to learn from mistakes.Shares her experience of evolving from a novice to an established practitioner who now employs various tools and services. Three Essential Healing Insights: Empowers listeners with three essential takeaways for their healing journeys: Conclusion: Stephanie Center concludes by expressing gratitude to listeners for joining her on this episode. Her story serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of embracing change and following one's passion in the pursuit of holistic healing. Find Steph: ⁠⁠https://www.instagram.com/stephaniecenterwellness ⁠⁠⁠⁠https://www.stephaniecenterwellness.com/⁠⁠ Special offers for podcast listeners: 1. Elevate Your Health Journey: Save 15% on Premium Supplements Revolutionize your wellness with a 15% discount on prescription-grade supplements through FullScript. When you sign up with Steph, you'll unlock expert advice on gut health, PCOS, hair loss, digestion, microbiome, and more. Don't miss out, register now: ⁠Claim Your Discount⁠ 2. Take Control of Your Wellness: Instant Access to the Parasite Cleanse Course Ready to conquer health challenges head-on? Gain instant access to Steph's transformative Parasite Cleanse Course. Uncover vital insights and actionable steps to boost your well-being. Dive in today: ⁠Access the Course⁠ 3. Unveil Radiant Skin: $10 Off Your First Toxin-Free Crunchi Order Experience the beauty of toxin-free skincare and makeup with a $10 discount on your inaugural order from Crunchi. Enhance your natural radiance while embracing a healthier lifestyle. Claim your offer: ⁠Shop Crunchi⁠ 4. Create Serene Spaces: Enjoy 10% Off Clean Candles Elevate your surroundings with the soothing ambiance of clean candles from Sea Love Candles. Use code HOLISTICHOUSE10 at checkout for an exclusive 10% discount. Elevate your environment today: ⁠Shop Sea Love Candles⁠