62. How to Use Brain Plasticity to Stop Sabotaging your Health Goals | Dr. Hayley Nelson.

Season #3

Are you tired of NOT reaching your health goals? Do you engage in self-sabotaging behaviors the moment you begin to make progress. In this episode you will learn how to literally retrain your brain so you can stop getting out of your own way.

In this episode I sit down with a Johns Hopkins neuroscientist, Dr. Hayley Nelson and we spill the tea on:

1. What neuroscience is and how you can leverage it to reach your health goals.

2. How to use brain plasticity to stop sabotaging yourself.

3. Coaches! We teach you how to use these technique to bring your clients better transformations!

4. How to use stress to your advantage.

5. BONUS! You are going to leave this episode with 3 tips for increasing neuroplasticity.

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