57. The Science of Harnessing Willpower with Jenn Trepeck.

Season #3

What's the ONE marker that will determine your success at anything?

Did you say "willpower"?

You guessed it!

Today in our FINAL podcast episode of 2022, we are diving into the science of willpower and how you can use it to accomplish your goals.

My guest today, Jenn Trepeck, is going to lead you through some exercises you can do at home to improve your willpower, so you can reach your goals in 2023.


  • Defining willpower and how it impacts your every day decisions.
  • How to refill your willpower cup.
  • How to use willpower to remove decision making.
  • The art of distraction to increase willpower.
  • Motivation and the law of inertia.

Strategies to improve willpower:

  • 5,4,3,2,1 principle.
  • Willpower cup.
  • Learning when you don't have willpower.
  • Make it easier to have willpower.

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